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The Insurer

Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

The Insurer

LawGold™ was designed to provide insureds with the broadest coverage possible for the changing face of the legal profession. LawGold™ program is underwritten by Freedom Specialty Insurance Company, rated A+ [“Superior”] by A.M. Best & Company.

Risk Purchasing Group

LawGold™ is underwritten via the Legal Professionals’ Purchasing Group, Inc., which is located and domiciled in the Sate of New Jersey, pursuant to legislation enacted by Congress known as the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986.

Free Interactive Loss Control Program

Internet-based loss prevention course available free of charge to LawGold™ insureds. Completion of the course earns the insured firm premium discounts on their next renewal policy.

Claims Service

Freedom Specialty Insurance Company utilizes experienced claims representatives trained in handling professional liability claims and has a network of legal defense firms across the USA.

Free Legal Consultation Services

Consultation services via the Legal Assist Line. This service, provided by a specialist attorney, is free of charge and strictly confidential.

Jorgensen & Company

LawGold™ is managed by Jorgensen & Company, the Managing General Underwriter (MGU) for the program. Jorgensen & Company is a specialist in professional liability with over 25 years experience in attorneys and other claims-made coverages. Jorgensen & Company has insurance agency licenses in all 50 states. For more information, please click here.

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